Terry Mair was born in the beautiful Heber valley, in Utah, in 1956. As a young child Terry moved with his family from Heber City to an even smaller farming town of Midway,
only a few miles away.
Living in a small community had its advantages; as a child Terry was free to roam about the countryside that he quickly fell in love with.

From the heights of the mountains that surrounded the idyllic valley to the small streams and canals that ran through the sprawling fields, he had plenty of land to cover and explore, which he set off to do and which he has never quit doing. It was on these small streams and canals of the Heber Valley that he learned to hunt and fish, it was a way for him to connect to the outdoors and gain an innate love for the outdoors, wildlife, and especially waterfowl. He saw everything in that valley, cattle being driven through main street by the local cowboys to stealing peas from the neighbors fields, raising ducks to racing horses. Terry brings a unique country perspective to everything that he does. Self trained as a portrait photographer he began his career in 1985, for many years family and individual photography occupied his time but he longed to get back to the outdoors. With his return to nature he brings his background of portraiture to create a piece of art that stands apart from the throng of landscape and wildlife photographers.
Through his photography, he is able to bring that perspective and captures the essence of a scene, giving one an opportunity to be right there next to him as he travels with the Wagon Train or as he contemplates the Serenityť of a life well lived.
TL with his family in the Autumn colors of the Wasatch Mountains
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T L Mair
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