Northern California and the Coastal Redwoods
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They say you always remember your fist time.
 I remember the first time I seen the giant Redwoods of Northern California.
We had been driving for several hours going from Klamath Falls Oregon heading for Gold Beach.
Highway 199 dips down into the Jedediah Smith National Forest, you cross the Smith river,
 and come around a bend in the road then out of nowhere you are
greeted with the breath taking sight of the largest trees you have ever seen.
That was my first time seeing these majestic giants.
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Smitrh River Redwoods by TL Mair
Little Deer Creek Autumn
Was it cold? Yeah a little driving high up in the Wasatch mountains in our side by side.
Was it worth it? Heck yeah!! So beautiful up there in the autumn even with the western pine beetles
taking their toll on the pines that grow here.
The Autumn colors had just begun to show themselves on the under story plants that grow along the
Provo Deer Creek.
Little Deer Creek Autumn by TL Mair
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Kiva Ruins - Cold Spring Cave
Kiva Ruins - Cold Spring Cave
Even though it was the middle of winter it was hot in the desert of Souther Utah, sweat ran from my brow as we trudged across the desert floor in search of this beautiful little cave.
As the sun beat down upon us we made our way up the cliff face, down into the canyon and into this
Anasazi ruins knows as "Cold Spring Cave" due to the spring that wells up in the cave.
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Arches National Park Winter Wonder Land
How was the weather? It was cold and rainy when we got there!
Was it worth it? Yes absolutely, the next day was snowy and cold, but the sun was shinning and it was beautiful in the park!!
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The Face of Tatanka
How exciting was it? It was fantastic, to see these huge massive beasts face to face
to drive by them on a motorcycle, and to maneuver around them while traveling through
the might Yellowstone National Park was exciting to say the least!!
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Clearing Storm Over Timpanogos
The snow storm had come in through the night and there was a chance of
getting stuck in the new snow.
But was it worth it, definitely, the sun began to break through the
clearing clouds, lighting the trees, and giving life to the autumn colors that were
still clinging to the aspens!!
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