"Sheep Creek Waterfall"
TL Mair
On a recent trip to the Uinta mountains in the Uinta basin of Utah
we took a side drive along a dirt road that lead to Spirit lake, we had been told
it was a beautiful lake, so we decided to find out, turns out it was a pretty lake, that
looked just like every other lake in the Uinta mountains, but along the way in, there is this creek that runs along the forest road called sheep creek, this little set of water falls flowed over a build up of boulders.
We noticed it on the way in, but wanted to get to the lake before it was to late for good light. On the way back out we stopped along the dirt road, I loaded up my equipment and hiked down the bank, to the stream below.
I love the flow of the water, and I love the trunks of the trees that were drowned by the pooling water.
Such a beautiful place, but then the Uinta mountains of Utah are beautiful everywhere you go.
To see the complete line of signs just click on the image above.
Thanks for looking, have a great day!!!
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