"The Forest Primeval"
TL Mair
This photograph was taken in the High Uinta mountains of Utah
near Murdock basin.
Here you can see the beautiful red autumn leaves of the dogwoods, mingled with the yellow/greens of more under story plants that grow in the area.
These under story plants grow among the ponderosa pines, Pinus ponderosa, that grow in the area.
I love the texture of the pines, with their rough bark, and green bows, against the cloudy blue sky.
The road to this area is quite rough, so going is slow, but well worth the trip, there are many small fishing lakes in the area for you to stop at, and either enjoy the view, or wet a fly.
I have never been to Alaska, but in my mind this is what I picture the forests looking like,
it seams so wild here.
Thanks for looking, have a great day!!!
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T L Mair
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Uinta national forest, Uinta mountains of Utah