"Best Friends - Texas Longhorn Magpie"
TL Mair
In this valley in the heart of Utah is a location we call the South fields, in these fields live a couple of Texas Longhorns, they are kind of interesting to go and watch, on this particular day one of the longhorns was laying in the long grass, and there were these two Magpies that would land on his head, then fly away, I stopped the car, and waited for them to calm down a little, I was hoping that both of them would come back, but fortunatly at least one of them did, he landed right on the top of this longhorn's head, not sure how the cow liked that, as the longhorn lifted up his nose, the magpie rocked forward, and it looked like it was talking to the longhorn, just reminded me of being best friends.

I hope you enjoy the photograph!
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