"Storm Chaser"
TL Mair
Last year my wife and I decided to take a trip to Washington state to view the beauty of the pacific northwest.
On one of our excursions we took the ferry from Whidbey Island, to Port Townsend on the peninsula. We drove around looking at the sites, and trying to find things to photograph.
It rained on us most of the day and the weather was gray, and dreary, still a beautiful place to visit.
On one of our excursions we decided to take the ferry to Port Townsend, it rained on us most of that day as well.
We drove around most of the peninsula looking at different things, and took a drive into the Olympic National forest, which was beautiful.
In the evening we returned to the port, to board the ferry, and sale back to the island.
As we waited for boarding time the storm began to break, and this beautiful but different rainbow showed it's self, it was like the colors where shooting out of the rainbow and onto the sky, boats were returning to the safe waters of Point Hudson, this boat was coming in directly under the beautiful colors of the rainbow, and clouds, it reminded me of a storm chaser.
I love the colors of the sky, and that rainbow.
I hope you enjoy it, the signature will not appear on ordered prints!!
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