Winter Retreat - Canada Geese
Honestly is there anything more beautiful than waterfowl, it doesn’t matter what the species, they are all beautiful, and Canada geese are no exception.

When I was young you never seen any geese, and especially Canada geese, now they are abundant.

Living in what used to be a small farming community in Utah there are a lot of fields, and open areas, however that is changing faster than we would like to believe.

Many of the open areas are littered with warm springs that run water all year long, the geese are drawn to these areas, as a result we now have a large population of resident Canada geese, but they are still wild, and impossible to approach unlike many of the “park” geese that are used to being fed by people who like to sit and watch them.

One field which used to be part of a large dairy farm has the above mentioned warm springs in it, and the geese know it is there, fortunately so do I. I got up early, asked the homeowners who own the adjacent property if I could trespass through their back yard, and set up on the fence line, fortunately they agreed.

On the first day I took my Canon gear, a Canon 70d, and my 100-400L lense, I took several photographs of the geese as they came and went, but they didn’t seem to be in much of a cooperative mood.

The next morning I decided to take my Sony a6000, it has a much faster continuous shutter, and a larger buffer, I used my Sony 70-200 lens, for a mirrorless camera this thing rocks for tracking moving subjects.

Set up once again on the fence line, the geese came and went just like the day before, however this time they landed in better locations.

when I first got there, and the sun was up and warming things up I took pictures of the barns which used to sit in the north east corner of the field, sadly these barns are no longer there, and soon the field with be subdivided into a housing development, but that’s another story.

The geese started to arrive, several of them flew into the field and landed to feed on the lush greens that grow, even in winter along the warm water as it flows over the land. Later several smaller flights of geese came into the field to join those already there.

In this photograph I tracked the geese as they made their way across the sky, and their decent into the field, this photograph is a panoramic of 5 separate photographs taken as the geese fell from the sky to land in the field.

Since I was tracking, and photographing the geese as they made their way across the sky, and into the field the photograph made kind of a diagonal line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, catching only the top of the barn as they passed over it.

Once I had “stitched” the images together to create the panoramic photograph there was a lot of blank spaces, most of the barn on the lower left, and some sky on the upper right do to the diagonal movement of the guess, and so the movement of the camera as I tracked them. I used the photograph of the barn I had taken when I first got there to fill in the lost information in the lower left hand corner, and of course I used some sky from another photograph to fill in the upper right hand corner.

The little Sony a6000 has a 24 megapixel sensor, and is capable of making a 60” photograph IF you don’t have to do any cropping, but by planning ahead, and good camera technique I was able to create this photograph of these beautiful Canada geese landing in a field that can be printed 96”s long, that’s 8 feet long with no pixilation, so if you love geese, and barns, who doesn’t, and you have a wall just begging for a nice mural I have several, and this one could be just the ticket.

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