Provo River in Winter
Snow has finally come to the Wasatch, and Midway Utah, not much but some, so I thought I would talk a little about this winter photograph, and that time of the year.

This was taken about a year ago, actually not quite that long ago, it was freezing cold that morning, as I recall it was in the - temps, so cold that I could not feel my fingers to adjust the controls on the camera without putting them in my pockets before trying to change anything.

I love the early morning light as it gently lights the snow on the left of the river, and Wilson peak in the background, and the flow of the river, as it’s cold charcoal gray water tries to pick up the blue from the cloudy sky, a lone eagle soars above the river looking for it’s morning meal, just catching the morning light, and the warmth of the early sun.

The far bank of the river, still in shade shows the cold blue of the shadows that soon will be gone, over taken by the light of day.

This is a reminder to me of life changes, and the fact that there is always a rising sun. About a month before this photo was taken I developed double vision, and unless you have had that, you have no idea how hard it is to function, your brain tries to make sense of what it is seeing, and it can’t do it!!

While I was waiting to try and find out what the problem was I sat in my house, becoming a prisoner of those four walls, not able to go to the store with my wife, not able to participate in much of anything because of the confusion caused by the double vision, I just laid on the sofa, if I looked down, I could watch movies on my Ipad, I was slowly turning into a slug.

I finally insisted on my Dr. giving me blood tests for a very rare autoimmune disease called myasthenia gravis. When the tests came back positive I began to study, and pray, the most important part of that was the “pray” part, at first I was confused, and mostly scared of what the future would bring, but as I prayed, I asked the Lord what “I” needed to do to fix the problem, and slowly I began to find answers to my questions, I found web sites with answers that were shortly closed after I had found them, it was like those sites were there waiting for me to find them, get the information I needed before they were taken away.

It turns out that, at least for me, the problem was heavy metal poisoning, mercury to be precise, I had amalgam, or silver fillings in several of my teeth, and had been addicted to nose spray, which uses a form of mercury as a preservative, I guess on a short term basis your body can handle that mercury, but not on a long term basis, I had been using this spray several times a day for over 25 years, I had tried several time to get off of it but just couldn’t do it. Then add to all of that the mercury gas that is in florescent lights, I am sure it is well contained in the lights, but my kitchen has very large lights in it, so large that they won’t fit in my garbage can, so I would stick the lights in the can, then bend over into the can with a hammer and begin to break the lights so they would fit, call me naive but I had no idea that the gas that was in those lights was mercury, crazy how we find so many ways to poison ourselves.

So now you know how I got the mercury in my system, so back to the answers, as I said I began to find people who had been cured of this disease by having their fillings removed and detoxing from the poising, so I did exactly that, had my fillings removed, and miracle of miracles I was able to get off of the nose spray, how cool is that, it has been a long roe to hoe but little by little things are getting back to normal, my eyes still bother me, mostly from working at the computer, but the double vision is gone, along with most of the other symptoms, just as a side note mercury poisoning has also been implicated in other things like Parkinson’s, and MS, one web site that kind of helped me to understand how dangerous those fillings are is called, she is one example of someone who positively treated her MS by having those poisons filling removed, her story also illustrates how reluctant the mainstream medical community is to embrace these kinds of stories, you might want to check it out.

One more bit of info before closing these ramblings, the late Dr. Boyd Haley when he as the head of toxicology at the World Health Organization told an acquaintance of mine that “It doesn’t matter what you call it, if it is a neurological problem you need to be check for mercury poisoning”.

As always I hope you have a great day, I hope you enjoy my images, and I hope your day is a picture perfect day!!!

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